Wrap Options

Full Wrap
A full wrap means that the entire vehicle's surface is wrapped with vinyl including most windows. We can not put any vinyl on windows where it may impair the driver's vision so only rear side windows and the back window can be wrapped and these windows are covered with a special perforated vinyl that allows the vehicle occupants to see out.

Partial Wrap
This is what it seems; only part of the vehicle is covered with vinyl. This can be in practically any combination. Ie sides covered only, part of the sides and back, hood & trunk etc etc.

Combination Wrap
This is where we combine full coloured printed vinyl with cut vinyl. This allows us to use special textures or colours that we can not print. For instance we could combine a full coloured printed graphic with brushed gold cut vinyl to achieve a rich look that could not be accomplished with printing alone.

Cut Vinyl
We use cut vinyl when only simple graphics and lettering are required. We can apply large areas of solid colour to a vehicle's side or as simple as pin stripping to high-lite a special paint job. Boat names on the transom of a boat are applied with cut vinyl most of the time.

Expand Your Advertising Without Increasing Your Budget...

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