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Vehicle wraps are a phenomenal marketing tool for you as the end user. Not only does it transform what is typically a large capital expense into a revenue-generating asset, it also validates who you are and what you are doing.

Here are ten benefits to a Colossal Wrap:

1. Vehicle wraps are viewed on average by 60,000 people per month.

2. Vehicle wraps are one of the few marketing tools that work all the time. Whether you are at work, at a customer's office, out to dinner, or at the movies, your wrap is still generating leads.

3. Vehicle wraps protect the paint of the vehicle. If you plan on reselling or are driving a leased vehicle, a vehicle wrap is an excellent way to protect your investment.

4. Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective form of marketing that you can do. Compare your quote to the cost of an ad in the Yellow Pages, stationary billboards or even radio. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the cost saving benefits.

5. Vehicle wraps get you noticed. Research proves that nearly 80% of people say they remember what they see on vehicle wraps. This kind of retention rate can definitely help grow your business.

6. Colossal Wraps can usually be completed in days, unlike custom paint jobs that can take months to complete.

7. You can change your mind. Colossal Wraps are versatile enough that if your marketing message or personalization style changes, your wrap can change along with it.

8. Your imagination is the only limit to the design of your vehicle wrap, from concept to completion we can make your vision a reality.

9. Typically there aren't any ordinances or restrictions on vehicle wraps, and they don't require a permit like other types of signs.

10. Colossal Wraps reinforce your professional image and leave a lasting impression in our visual society.

Moving Billboards...

With a vehicle wrap, you can create a cost-effective moving billboard! Our high quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps deliver excellent marketing exposure. Our inventory of products can accommodate your needs- whether you are a sole-proprietor looking to market your product with car wrap advertising or a large corporation looking for fleet wrap for your every company vehicle. We also offer a wide range of van wrap and even a line of larger-sized rv wrap to suit any mode of transportation. We carry a wide variety of both high quality truck wrap products and durable bus wrap for any size truck or bus you may have. Of course, for those of you looking to advertise while you haul goods or equipment, we also offer a trailer wrap.

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